Death Benefits

There are benefits that may be available to a family at the time of death but are subject to periodic change. We can help advise you about the current benefits and whether you or your family qualify. Chesed v’Emet will assist in filing for and obtaining any benefits to which you may be entitled. (Public Aid Benefit Information)

Qualifications to receive the Social Security Lump Sum Death Benefit was changed in 1981. In order for Social Security to pay the One-time Lump Sum Death benefit, three qualifications must be met. First, the deceased had to have paid into Social Security for the minimum number of quarters. This is regardless of whether or not the deceased was receiving Social Security benefits during his or her life. Second, there must be either a surviving spouse or a dependent child to make the claim. And, finally, the surviving spouse, dependent child, or their representative must file an application with the Social Security Administration. The Lump Sum Death Benefit is not an automatic benefit it must be applied for; The Lump Sum Death Benefit is in addition to any other Social Security benefits to which the spouse/child may be entitled. No longer can this benefit be assigned to the funeral home as payment towards the outstanding funeral bill. (Social Security Information)

Veterans benefits are slightly more complicated, but again, we will help you understand each of the benefits as they may apply to your situation. Where and under what circumstances the death occurs will determine the amount of the benefit payable by the Veterans Administration.

To qualify, the deceased veteran must have an honorable discharge and had to have served during certain periods as determined by the Veterans Administration. These benefits are paid as a reimbursement to the person who paid the funeral bill. Once again, we will help you file for these benefits.

Qualified deceased veterans, or their spouse or eligible children can be buried in a cemetery maintained by the V.A. In the event the family chooses not to have burial in a National Cemetery, there may be a small reimbursement available towards the non-V.A. cemetery expenses. A flag is provided by the government that can be placed on the casket of an eligible veteran. The third benefit available to an eligible deceased veteran is a government grave marker or monument. There are a number of markers available and depending upon the cemetery requirement, at least one of the monuments available will be acceptable. (Veterans Benefits Information)

Some people have life insurance or other benefits through their employment or union that are payable upon death. We will assist you in contacting the issuing company and can advise you how to go about applying for any benefits that may be available. A note of caution, even though a family has an insurance policy it doesn’t mean that the policy is still in force at the time of death. Sometimes the policy was allowed to lapse; the policy was cashed in; or if there was provision for borrowing against it, the owner of the policy might have used that option. In any event, the insurance company will advise you at the time of application as to the status of the policy