Preparing for the Future

It is not at all unusual for people to plan for their financial future and there are many ways. Life insurance, wills, trusts, and estates are just some of the many vehicles people use to protect their assets. An important part of planning for the future should include the discussion of what you and your family’s wishes are for a funeral. This is generally not a conversation most people choose to have, but it is an important one that each of us should have at some time. We have provided an opportunity to fill out a printable form that will allow your family to know what your wishes are. Completing the form will certainly relieve your family of having to make some difficult decisions at a time when they may be emotionally unprepared to make those choices. Chesed v’Emet offers several methods of pre-funding a funeral through an insurance policy. This is an economically sound way of guaranteeing a person’s wishes. Each state has different rules and regulations that govern how these policies can be established and we will explain how this will affect your situation.

By pre-arranging a funeral through Chesed v’Emet you can be assured that your wishes will be carried out as you specifically expressed. In addition, we are able to guarantee that the price you pay in advance will provide the services you select, no matter when they need to be provided. We have flexible payment programs and will explain in detail how this plan would best fit into your financial planning. Chesed v’Emet accepts all pre-funded funeral plans and there is a good chance that at the time of need, the family might receive a reimbursement because our charges are much lower than other funeral service providers.

In today’s ever-changing economic environment there are times when asset management becomes critically important. Many people need to use the services of nursing homes and sometimes need to apply for various forms of public assistance. In each of these instances, a pre-paid, guaranteed funeral policy from Chesed v’Emet can be used to meet the financial restrictions that some of these benefits impose. (Pre-Arrange pdf)