Selection of a Cemetery

Many times a family is faced with a sudden unanticipated death and they do not have cemetery property. Chesed v’Emet can help you make the necessary arrangements for purchasing a grave. The selection of a cemetery is one that should not be made in haste. There are many factors to be considered before a final choice of a cemetery is made.

Besides the obvious consideration of all the cemetery charges, it is helpful to decide what type of cemetery the family wants. Some, called memorial parks, only allow flat bronze markers on the graves and allow no floral decorations other than small, fresh flowers. There are some memorial parks that allow for various types of markers or monuments and floral decorations. Some cemeteries have up-right monuments and allow for floral decorations on the grave. And, some cemeteries have different sections in which families can choose either kind of marker. Another consideration in selecting a cemetery should be whether or not other family members are buried in that cemetery. The proximity of the cemetery to where most of the family lives can be another consideration in selecting a cemetery.

Very often, when faced with a sudden or unanticipated death, the family doesn’t think in terms of purchasing enough graves for future needs. Because people feel vulnerable at a time of death, they are reluctant to take the advice of those professionals who are trying to help the mourners in making appropriate decisions for themselves. The idea of purchasing a second grave for the surviving spouse makes sense because if not reserved, it may not be available when it’s needed.