Unveiling/Dedication of Marker

Although there is nothing in Traditional Judaism that requires an unveiling or dedication service, most families choose to have some sort of ceremony when the grave marker or headstone is put in place. We are required by Tradition to mark the grave of a deceased and the most common time for this to take place is close to the first Yarzheit. But any time after Shloshim the marker or monument can be set in place. There are some authorities that allow the installation of the marker or monument to take place at the conclusion of Shiva.

Matzava or headstone can be as elaborate or as simple as the family wishes, so long as it conforms to the rules and regulations of the cemetery. The person’s Hebrew name is inscribed along with the dates of birth and death. Your rabbi will be helpful in having the deceased’s Hebrew name correctly inscribed on the monument, as well as helping you prepare an unveiling ceremony. If you choose not to have a rabbi officiate. Chesed v’Emet can help you select an appropriate memorial for the grave.